World Coffees

The Nebur-King Coffee Company offers you an extensive range of the highest quality Origin and Blended Coffees for you to choose and enjoy.

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Origin Coffees

Blended Coffees

Brazilian Santos
Celebes Kalossi Toraja Colombian Medellin Excelso
Decaffeinated Colombian Medellin Excelso
Ethiopian Mocha Djimma
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Guatemalan Maragogype
Kenya Estate AA
Kenya Peaberry
Monsoon Malabar
Old Brown Java
San Agustin

After Dinner
Barcelona Espresso
Espresso Reserve
Kenya Special
Mocha Mysore Blend
Morning Reviver
Roast & Post Blend
Roast & Post Mountain Blend

Espresso Range

Gold Collection

Barcelona Espresso
Costa Rica Fairtrade - Dark Roasted
Dark Italian
Decaffeinated Colombian - Dark Roasted
Espresso Reserve
Light Italian
Monsoon Malabar - Dark Roasted
Roost & Post Organic & Fairtrade Espresso
Sumatra Blue Ling Tong Organic Dark Roasted

Australian Skybury
Jamaican Blue Mountain
Kona Hawaii
Yemeni Matari

To what heights will our bean buyer go to procure the consummate coffee bean? Anywhere from 2,000 to 8,000 feet in the mountains of the coffee bean meccas of the world; Brazil, Colombia, Yemen, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Hawaii, India, Java and many more. From these purveyors of the precious coffee bean we select only the Arabica bean.

Highest Quality Coffees.
The quality of the green coffee bean is a critical ingredient to the taste of the final product. Coffee is a product of how it is grown -soil conditions, elevation, and climate differentiate the coffee bean's final flavor. Nebur-King Coffee Company begins with Arabica beans from the finest plantations around the world. These are the most flavorful coffees because they are grown at a higher altitude where crops grow smaller and more slowly, giving coffee more concentrated flavor and aroma.

Small Batch Artisan Roasting.
Our "Roast masters" roast in small batches so that each coffee varietal can be individually roasted to raise its unique flavor characteristic. Our coffees are roasted a bit darker than most coffees here in the East, so that the full flavor potential is realized.

Roasts include Light, Dark, French, Italian, and intriguing variations in-between.

A Word About Freshness.
Since we roast our coffee daily to meet our needs, we do not need to use vacuum-packed bags employed by others with less frequent roasting schedules. We recommend that you purchase your coffee every week and grind it yourself just before brewing. To preserve freshness, store your coffee in the smallest practical airtight container.

Nebur-King packages
Nebur-King packages its roasted whole bean coffee in 227g, 5 lb, or 1 kilogram bags and ground coffee is packaged in premeasured portion packs. In order to ensure that the coffee is as fresh as possible, one way freshness valves are applied to the whole bean coffee bags and the ground coffee packages are nitrogen flushed.