Consider the Nebur-King coffee bean. A precious gem which when perfectly roasted, judiciously blended and lovingly brewed will delight the most discerning coffee connoisseur.

The predecessor of today's fancy Nebur-King bean was first discovered over 1,300 years ago on the slopes of Ethiopian hills blooming with wildgrowth 'bunn', the Ethiopian amharic word for coffee. Since that time the brew of this magical berry has spread throughout the world to the everlasting joy of millions.

History can be measured in a coffee cup. Stimulating. Refreshing. Rewarding. The elixir of Kings. The companion of the commoner. Over time, scholars, artists and lovers have gathered in coffee houses to enjoy and celebrate this drink. This universal beverage - favoured by all.

Coffee beans have been nurtured by generations of growers the world over. It is to these skilled and proud artisans of the bean to whom Nebur-King turns for the crown jewels of coffees.

Appreciation of higher quality coffees is growing and consumers are demonstrating an increasing preference for Arabica coffees over the Robusta coffee which for years formed the basis of packaged grocery store roast and ground coffee.

To satisfy this growing segment of the market, Nebur-King purchases and roasts only fine, specialty grade 100% Arabica coffees from the world's coffee producing countries. Coffees are imported directly from the growing countries and normally arrive by container in the port of Vancouver.