Many coffee questions you would like to know the answer to.
  How many countries in the world grow coffee?

Coffee grows exclusively in tropical and sub-tropical regions. The present coffee-producing belt around the globe comprises about 70 countries involved in cultivation, and lies between the latitudes of 23 degrees north and 25 degrees south.
What about Caffeine in coffee?
Caffeine is a natural component in all coffee. The most important effect of caffeine is a light stimulation to the nervous system. This can result in feeling less tired & more energetic. It can also have a positive effect on concentration and speed of reaction. The effect of caffeine depends on body weight and the individuals' biological makeup. There is not one rule of thumb for this. Other products, like tea, also contain caffeine.

Is coffee bad for your health?
There is no conclusive evidence that indicates that a moderate amount of coffee is bad for your health.Since the discovery of coffee, many therapeutic effects have been attributed to it. Modern science recognises the effects of caffeine, such as stimulation of the metabolism and an increase in the ability to react. Normal coffee drinking does not have any harmful consequences for a healthy individual, although not everyone can tolerate caffeine equally well. Some drink coffee in the evening and fall asleep without any difficulty, while others may have more difficulty in falling asleep. This is equally true of tea, which also contains caffeine.

Does coffee contain calories?
Practically not. Neither does instant coffee. The addition of milk and sugar in a cup of coffee however, does add calories. Also, mixed instant coffees like Wiener Melange or cappuccino, contain calories because they contain milk and sugar.How many different coffee beans exist? There are more than 60 different varieties of coffee, but for trade purposes the Arabica and Robusta are the most important. Arabica is a well-flavoured, aromatic coffee with less caffeine than Robusta, which has a somewhat unrefined, earthier taste. Coffee types are distinguished by the variety and origin (highland or lowland), the flavour and the aroma of the bean.