Sales Department

Nebur-King Coffee has a team of specialized sales consultants which will help you in your day to day business. At Nebur-King office, there are sales consultants who manage specific geographical territories to ensure that each and every customer gets proper service from the company. Our managers will continue to make sure that you are kept up with the latest blends and trends at Nebur-King as well as make sure that all your concerns are taken care of immediately.


Coffee College
Read: Coffee College Earns High Marks

Nebur-King teaches the art of brewing and serving the perfect cup of coffee. A special feature that Nebur-King offers its customers is a complete training centre in its Richmond sales office. Our company's training coordinators, are available at no cost to Nebur-King customers for training in the fine art of preparing the perfect latte or cappuccino. New owners, new staff or existing staff members that need a little refresher course all enjoy a session with the coordinators.

If you would like more information on our services or wish to speak to a sales representative, please email us with your request or call anyone of our branches nearest you (see the "contact us" page for branch information).



Coffee College Earns High Marks

As specialty coffees grow in popularity, so does the complexity of the methods and machines used to brew them.Since the training center opened in June 1995, more than 400 people have passed through the doors. Staff from coffee houses, restaurants and coffee bars learn the art of brewing and serving the perfect cup of coffee.

It features a lounge with a revolving tasting table, where staff can cup the different types of coffee available, sometimes choosing a different blend to offer at their restaurant. Hands-on training is available to groups of one to ten, and seminars for larger groups. The courses are offered free of charge to Nebur-King customers and prospective clients.

While at the training centre, students learn about the different types of coffee and how it's processed. As well, they learn about the origins of coffee, new recipes, roasting, daily equipment maintenance, equipment selection and use, product knowledge and cupping.

The training centre allows a restaurant or coffee house to compare various types of equipment, becoming familiar with it so they can immediately start generating revenue from their customer base.

And don't forget about the Tea Market! Nebur-King carries over 50 Gourmet Loose Teas and many assorted lines of teabags. We give full training on the types, preparation and serving of tea. We also have full training on preparation of Granitas, Smoothies, Iced Coffee and Iced Tea drinks as well as flavoured coffees and espresso based drinks.