Coffee Expertise

Nebur-King Coffee's position as a coffee specialist has grown from our consistent high standard of our coffee. This is achieved by purchasing the best coffees from around the world and by careful blending which provides a consistent end result. Roasting is also a very important step in achieving high quality coffee. By roasting the green beans, the aroma and taste of the coffee are developed. Both blending and roasting techniques require traditional craftsmanship and a great deal of experience. Nebur-King is committed to insuring that the coffee meets high quality standards. Nebur-King coffee has a continuous quality control system throughout the production process.
Coffee Varieties

There are more than 60 different varieties of coffee, but the Arabica and Robusta are the most important. Arabica is a well-flavored, aromatic coffee with less caffeine than Robusta, which has a somewhat unrefined, earthier taste. The various types of coffee are distinguished by the variety and origin (highland or lowland), the flavor and the aroma.

Highland coffees have a particularly fine aroma and are cultivated on plantations at an altitude of 1980 feet to 5940 feet above sea level. Lowland coffees have a different flavor and originate from plantations at lower altitude. In general the higher the altitude, the more superior the quality of coffee produced. However, this is not always the case, since plantations at lower altitude can also yield very good quality coffee. One can recognize the skill of the producer by the flavor of the coffee. The producer is able to influence the quality of the product firstly through the selection of the green coffee beans and secondly through the preparation of various blends and the roasting of the beans at varying temperatures.