NEBUR-KING is a Trademark at NEBUR-KING Coffee. Time honoured methods of roasting, blending and grinding give our Arabica coffees that special taste satisfied coffee connoisseurs appreciate.

Delivering the finest in quality and service, NEBUR-KING Coffee is roasted by the Western Canada's largest specialty coffee roaster. Fine coffees from around the world are imported, roasted and blended to satisfy even the most particular coffee connoisseur.  

Nebur-King Coffee Company's reputation is built upon the quality and freshness of our fine coffees. However, our customized sales and service is just as important to our success. In addition, we support the sales and distribution of coffee equipment which can be used to display, grind, or brew our freshly roasted coffees. We spend the time to assist you in educating yourself and your customers about these fine coffee and how to get the most from their inherently rich flavors.

Whether the customer is an office, restaurant, hotel, specialty coffee house or an espresso bar, Nebur-King' s experienced personnel can develop a program specifically designed to address each customer's unique needs.

To further demonstrate Nebur-King 's commitment to service, the equipment repair technicians provide emergency repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To help our customers be successful, employees achieve work satisfaction
and shareholders obtain maximum investment value.